Commit 00f23da8 authored by Lynn Garren's avatar Lynn Garren
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try to cope with special characters in path

parent 511a6748
......@@ -31,10 +31,12 @@ macro (clhep_copy_headers )
endforeach( defhdr )
foreach( hdr ${headers} )
STRING( REGEX REPLACE "^(${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR})/${package}(.*)$" "${CLHEP_BINARY_DIR}/CLHEP\\2" output_file "${hdr}")
##message(STATUS "moving ${hdr} to ${output_file}")
set(output_dir ${CLHEP_BINARY_DIR}/CLHEP/${package})
get_filename_component(shorthdr ${hdr} NAME)
##message(STATUS "moving ${shorthdr} to ${output_dir}")
# this copies the file and creates directories if necessary
CONFIGURE_FILE( ${hdr} ${output_file} COPYONLY)
CONFIGURE_FILE( ${hdr} ${output_dir}/${shorthdr} COPYONLY )
endforeach( hdr )
# get ClhepVersion.h
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