Commit 0321d2ed authored by Andreas Pfeiffer's avatar Andreas Pfeiffer
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added files to access units from global namespace for Geant-4

parent 510a01dd
Tue Apr 05 2005 Andreas Pfeiffer <
* On request from Geant-4 users added GlobalPhysicalConstants.h
and GlobalSystemOfUnits.h to allow users to use Units from global
30.11.04 Release CLHEP-
#include "CLHEP/Units/PhysicalConstants.h"
using CLHEP::pi;
using CLHEP::twopi;
using CLHEP::halfpi;
using CLHEP::pi2;
using CLHEP::Avogadro;
using CLHEP::c_light;
using CLHEP::c_squared;
using CLHEP::h_Planck;
using CLHEP::hbar_Planck;
using CLHEP::hbarc;
using CLHEP::hbarc_squared;
using CLHEP::electron_charge;
using CLHEP::e_squared;
using CLHEP::electron_mass_c2;
using CLHEP::proton_mass_c2;
using CLHEP::neutron_mass_c2;
using CLHEP::amu_c2;
using CLHEP::amu;
using CLHEP::mu0;
using CLHEP::epsilon0;
using CLHEP::elm_coupling;
using CLHEP::fine_structure_const;
using CLHEP::classic_electr_radius;
using CLHEP::electron_Compton_length;
using CLHEP::Bohr_radius;
using CLHEP::alpha_rcl2;
using CLHEP::twopi_mc2_rcl2;
using CLHEP::k_Boltzmann;
using CLHEP::STP_Temperature;
using CLHEP::STP_Pressure;
using CLHEP::kGasThreshold;
using CLHEP::universe_mean_density;
#include "CLHEP/Units/SystemOfUnits.h"
using CLHEP::millimeter;
using CLHEP::millimeter2;
using CLHEP::millimeter3;
using CLHEP::centimeter;
using CLHEP::centimeter2;
using CLHEP::centimeter3;
using CLHEP::meter;
using CLHEP::meter2;
using CLHEP::meter3;
using CLHEP::kilometer;
using CLHEP::kilometer2;
using CLHEP::kilometer3;
using CLHEP::parsec;
using CLHEP::micrometer;
using CLHEP::nanometer;
using CLHEP::angstrom;
using CLHEP::fermi;
using CLHEP::barn;
using CLHEP::millibarn;
using CLHEP::microbarn;
using CLHEP::nanobarn;
using CLHEP::picobarn;
using CLHEP::mm;
using CLHEP::mm2;
using CLHEP::mm3;
using CLHEP::cm;
using CLHEP::cm2;
using CLHEP::cm3;
using CLHEP::m;
using CLHEP::m2;
using CLHEP::m3;
using CLHEP::km;
using CLHEP::km2;
using CLHEP::km3;
using CLHEP::pc;
using CLHEP::radian;
using CLHEP::milliradian;
using CLHEP::degree;
using CLHEP::steradian;
using CLHEP::rad;
using CLHEP::mrad;
using CLHEP::sr;
using CLHEP::deg;
using CLHEP::nanosecond;
using CLHEP::second;
using CLHEP::millisecond;
using CLHEP::microsecond;
using CLHEP::picosecond;
using CLHEP::hertz;
using CLHEP::kilohertz;
using CLHEP::megahertz;
using CLHEP::ns;
using CLHEP::s;
using CLHEP::ms;
using CLHEP::eplus;
using CLHEP::e_SI;
using CLHEP::coulomb;
using CLHEP::megaelectronvolt;
using CLHEP::electronvolt;
using CLHEP::kiloelectronvolt;
using CLHEP::gigaelectronvolt;
using CLHEP::teraelectronvolt;
using CLHEP::petaelectronvolt;
using CLHEP::joule;
using CLHEP::MeV;
using CLHEP::eV;
using CLHEP::keV;
using CLHEP::GeV;
using CLHEP::TeV;
using CLHEP::PeV;
using CLHEP::kilogram;
using CLHEP::gram;
using CLHEP::milligram;
using CLHEP::kg;
using CLHEP::g;
using CLHEP::mg;
using CLHEP::watt;
using CLHEP::newton;
using CLHEP::hep_pascal;
using CLHEP::bar;
using CLHEP::atmosphere;
using CLHEP::ampere;
using CLHEP::milliampere;
using CLHEP::microampere;
using CLHEP::nanoampere;
using CLHEP::megavolt;
using CLHEP::kilovolt;
using CLHEP::volt;
using CLHEP::ohm;
using CLHEP::farad;
using CLHEP::millifarad;
using CLHEP::microfarad;
using CLHEP::nanofarad;
using CLHEP::picofarad;
using CLHEP::weber;
using CLHEP::tesla;
using CLHEP::gauss;
using CLHEP::kilogauss;
using CLHEP::henry;
using CLHEP::kelvin;
using CLHEP::mole;
using CLHEP::becquerel;
using CLHEP::curie;
using CLHEP::gray;
using CLHEP::candela;
using CLHEP::lumen;
using CLHEP::lux;
using CLHEP::perCent;
using CLHEP::perThousand;
using CLHEP::perMillion;
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ includedir = $(prefix)/include/CLHEP
tempincludedir = $(TEMPDIR)/CLHEP/@PACKAGE@
pkginclude_HEADERS = \
GlobalPhysicalConstants.h \
GlobalSystemOfUnits.h \
PhysicalConstants.h \
SystemOfUnits.h \
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