Commit 10cdd9f0 authored by Lynn Garren's avatar Lynn Garren
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use std::abs

parent d0a90083
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ protected:
//static unsigned long iz, kn[128], ke[256];
//static float wn[128],fn[128], we[256],fe[256];
//#define RNOR (hz=SHR3, iz=hz&127, (fabs(hz)<kn[iz])? hz*wn[iz] : nfix())
//#define RNOR (hz=SHR3, iz=hz&127, (std::fabs(hz)<kn[iz])? hz*wn[iz] : nfix())
//#define REXP (jz=SHR3, iz=jz&255, ( jz <ke[iz])? jz*we[iz] : efix())
static CLHEP_THREAD_LOCAL unsigned long kn[128], ke[256];
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ protected:
if(!ziggurat_is_init) ziggurat_init();
long hz=(signed)ziggurat_SHR3(anEngine);
unsigned long iz=hz&127;
return ((unsigned long)abs(hz)<kn[iz]) ? hz*wn[iz] : ziggurat_nfix(hz,anEngine);
return ((unsigned long)std::abs(hz)<kn[iz]) ? hz*wn[iz] : ziggurat_nfix(hz,anEngine);
static float ziggurat_nfix(long hz,HepRandomEngine* anEngine);
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ float RandGaussZiggurat::ziggurat_nfix(long hz,HepRandomEngine* anEngine)
/* initiate, try to exit for(;;) for loop*/
if((unsigned long)abs(hz)<kn[iz]) return (hz*wn[iz]);
if((unsigned long)std::abs(hz)<kn[iz]) return (hz*wn[iz]);
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