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enable C++ modules

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2020-05-23: Vassil Vassilev <>
* Enable C++ modules for CLHEP
The C++ modules feature as described in
allow producing a binary header representation to avoid redundant header reparsing.
This feature is used in ROOT's dictionary system since ROOT v6.20:
Dictionaries which transiently include clhep can be further optimized by
building a separate module for CLHEP which this MR aims for.
The current patch introduces a module.modulemap file containing a mapping between
a binary artifact (a module or a pcm file) and a set of header files.
The C++ modules are more picky on translation unit encapsulation and thus require
all headers which a translation unit uses to be included. In addition to the
missing include we outline a few virtual destructors to avoid pollution of .o files
with weak virtual tables.
09.11.20 Release CLHEP-
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