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Older compilers are no longer supported.
In the case of gcc, gcc 4.8.1 or later is required.
2015-10-05 Gabriele Cosmo <>
* Utility/Utility/memory.h is now a simple wrapper.
......@@ -14,7 +15,21 @@
* Random: use std::shared_ptr instead of CLHEP::shared_ptr
* Random/RandExpZiggurat: use std::shared_ptr instead of bare pointer
* Random: Added MixMax random engine classes to the Random module, implementing the
“Matrix Generator of Pseudorandom Numbers", as described in J. Compt. Phy. 97, 573 (1991).
"Matrix Generator of Pseudorandom Numbers", as described in J. Compt. Phy. 97, 573 (1991).
2015-07-16 Ben Morgan <>
* Update install of component libs using EXPORT keyword to create
imported targets for these in the output "library depends" file.
Allow client of CLHEPConfig to choose between single/module libraries
via COMPONENT arguments to CMake's find_package command. Provide
similar option for choosing between shared (the default) and and
static libs. Disallow mixing of shared/static libs in output
CLHEP_LIBRARIES, though mixed linking, if required, is still permitted
by direct access to the imported targets.
* Implement new pkg-config template for component libs. Configure and
install as per single 'clhep.pc', adding 'Requires' field where needed.
Use exact versions in Requires to ensure API compatibility.
09.07.15 Release CLHEP-
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