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For the compilation under cygwin using VC 7.1 (Version 13.10.3077)
you have to make sure that the PATH contains the path to the
installation of Visual Studio .NET 2003, for example:
export VSPATH="/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003"
export PATH="/cygdrive/c/WINNT/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v1.1.4322":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/SDK/v1.1/bin":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/Common7/Tools/bin":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/Common7/Tools/bin/prerelease":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/Common7/Tools/":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/Vc7/bin":${PATH}
export PATH="${VSPATH}/Common7/IDE":${PATH}
installation of Visual Studio .NET 2003.
Before starting the build, you need to set up a
couple of environment variables as g++ (from
......@@ -38,46 +25,11 @@ You may have to adapt to your installation path, if different.
As the compiler will complain about this, we also set:
export CXXFLAGS='-EHsc'
Now you can go back into your "build directory" but don't
just start typing "configure" yet ... as the compiler does
not know about symlinks, we need to fix a couple of files
and we need to treat some more files in order to get the
build done. In a future version, this may become more
streamlined (feel free to contribute ! :-) ).
We assume that you are in the build directory and that the
source directory is in ../CLHEP for the following commands:
Before running configure, treat the symlinks:
find ../CLHEP -name -exec sed -i -e 's|LN_S = \@LN_S\@|LN_S =/usr/bin/cp|' {} \;
now run configure (feel free to use your own prefix :-) ):
../CLHEP/configure --prefix=`pwd`/../win32_vc71
now, before building the stuff, fix a few items (if
you re-configure, you have to repeat this part !):
add the source code for drand48 et al to library in Random:
cp ../CLHEP/Random/src/drand48.src ../CLHEP/Random/src/
sed -i -e 's|||' Random/src/Makefile
sed -i -e 's|DRand48Engine.lo|DRand48Engine.lo drand48.lo|' Random/src/Makefile
to be able to link the test-executables:
sed -i -e 's|\(.*\)-L${top_builddir}/src[ \t]*-l\(.*-\)\(.*\)|\1${top_builddir}/src/.libs/lib\2.lib \3|' */test/Makefile
for the tests in the Matrix package:
sed -i -e 's|\(.*\)-L${top_builddir}/\(\.\..*/src\)[ \t]*-l\(.*-\)\(.*\)|\1${top_builddir}/\2/.libs/lib\3.lib \4|' */test/Makefile
That's it ! And since you read until here, you can shorten
the whole procedure by doing (from the build directory,
assuming it can reach the source by ../CLHEP):
source ../CLHEP/setup.cygwin-VC71
(you probably want to adapt the prefix in the doBuild script)
Please report problems using the bug-tracker of the
savannah portal at:
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