Commit dbb018ab authored by Lynn Garren's avatar Lynn Garren
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pthread fix from W. David Dagenhart

parent b93b5a4c
2016-04-18 Lynn Garren <>
* Remove obsolete cmake macros
* Be explicit about only supporting gcc 4.8 or better and clang 3.5 or better
2016-03-25 W. David Dagenhart <>
* Utility/Utility/use_atomic.h: Use std::atomic when the compiler declares it
uses the C++11 standard
2016-03-25 W. David Dagenhart <>
* Random/src/ The uncorrected code might not always yield independent seeds.
If two threads execute numberOfEngines++ and after both finish that both
execute setSeed, then they will have the same seed. Fixed.
* Random/src/ There is a thread local variable of the type "defaults"
that contains two shared_ptr's in This causes an intermittent
problem on OSX. The complex objects containing the shared_ptr's have been
moved into a list of objects and the now the thread_local only contains a
simple pointer now that points into the list.
Use the new Utility/use_atomic.h header.
10.11.15 Release CLHEP-
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