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The CLICdp style is based on the style used for the CLIC CDR by Astrid Munnich, therefore
guidelines how to use the CLICdp style can be found in ClicCDRPlots.pdf.

The technical part:

Option 1: Only load the style for a specific root macro:
To use the CLICdpStyle copy the file rootstyle/CLICdpStyle.C to your home directory
and load it in your plotting macros:

 gROOT->ProcessLine(".L ${HOME}/CLICdpStyle.C");

Option 2: load the style per default when starting root:
Copy in addition to the CLICdpStyle.C the files .rootrc, rootalias.C and rootlogon.C
provided in CLICdpStyle/rootstyle/ to your home directory.
The rootlogon gets executed automatically when root is started.

Note: If you choose option 2 do not load the style again in the macro via option 1. It will 
cause a segmentation fault in root.