Internal compatibility of python configuration (Gaussino)

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The main goal of this MR is to ensure that the python options used in Gaussino are correctly propagated between configurables and set at the right time. Some of the configurables have been renamed in order to make them compatible with Gauss-on-Gaussino configurables.


The complete list of changes is:

  • new configurables: Gaussino, GaussinoGeneration GaussinoSimulation, GaussinoGeometry,
  • new parent GaussinoConfigurable that extends ConfigurableUser to ensure that all the configurables are called and in the right order,
  • fixes to run minbias in Gaussino (it was possible before, but only with Gauss-on-Gaussino)
  • update of the documentation,
  • pytests just for the configuration,
  • all qmt tests are now ported to pytests.

The documentation can be previewed via this link:

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