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| How to build and run vecphys with/without GeantV |

1. setup 

   #gcc (if 4.8+ is not a default)
   export CXX=/usr/local/gcc-4.8.2/bin/g++
   export CC=/usr/local/gcc-4.8.2/bin/gcc
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/gcc-4.8.2/lib64:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
2. How to build and run vecphys with GeantV

   2.1 build GeantV with additional cmake switches

   -DGUBENCHMARK=[Model|Process] (build benchmarker executables. see 3.3 how to run it)

   2.2 run one of example macros under vecprot_v2: for example,

   - load libs inside run.C 


   - activate vector physics process

     prop->fVectorPhysicsProcess = new GVectorPhysicsProcess(prop->fEmin, nthreads);

   - run the macro

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:<path_to_geantV_install/lib>
    root.exe -b -l -q 'run.C(4)'

3. How to build and run standalone vecphys without GeantV

   3.1 setup

   #cmake required: Vc and VecGeom (include path to VecCore)
   export Vc_DIR=${VC_INSTALL_DIR}
   export VecGeom_DIR=${VECGEOM_INSTALL_DIR}

   #root (if ROOT=ON) (turn on histogramming with GUBENCHMARK=ON)
   source ${ROOT_INSTALL_DIR}/bin/

   #cuda (if CUDA=ON)
   require VecGeom built with CUDA=ON

   3.2 how to build 

   cd vecphys ; mkdir build ; cd build
   cmake -DVc_DIR=${Vc_DIR} -DVecGeom_DIR=${VecGeom_DIR} -DVecGeom_SRC=${VecGeom_SRC} \
         -DROOT=ON -DCUDA=ON -DGUBENCHMARK=[Model|Process] ..

   3.3 how to run benchmarker 

   ./GUModelBenchmark [ntracks] [nrepetitions] [minEnergy] [maxEnergy] [samplingType] [model] [materialMode]
   ./ProcessBenchmark [ntracks] [nrepetitions] [minEnergy] [maxEnergy] [ProcessType] [runmode] [materialMode]

   where the valid argument for 
   samplingType: [0=kAlias, 1=kRejection, 2=kUnpack]      
   model: [-1=AllModels, 0=KleinNishina, 1= BetheHeitler, 2=SauterGavrila, 3=MollerBhabha, 4=SeltzerBerger]
   materialMode: [0=Multiple elements from a table, 1=One Material] 

   3.4 data file
   Download required data files for testing the SeltzerBerger model
   tar xzf G4EMLOW.6.42.tar.gz brem_SB
   mkdir data ; cp -r G4EMLOW6.42/brem_SB data/brem_SB
   (will introduce the env for the target data directory and put an option
   to get the file through cmake configuration)

4. Other important options

   # set the build type to Release, especially for testing the CUDA backend

   # set a vector instruction set

   # set the Vc lib for KNC (Xeon Phi)

5. How to build and run the benchmaker (GUModelBenchmark) on Intel Xeon Phi
export CXX_FLAGS="-mmic"