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Version: 1.6.0
- queries that uses `ParametersResolver` implemented: [SIGMON-316](
- removed support for Nxcals Spark 2 on SWAN [SIGMON-283](
- tests for the QueryParams domain objects [SIGMON-319](
- do not assert sigmon version in a test [SIGMON-317](
- `SignalTransformationBuilder` removed [SIGMON-291](
- `ResistanceBuilder` removed [SIGMON-290](
- tutorial notebook that presents the new 'signal analysis' API written [SIGMON-321](
- `FeatureQuery` removed [SIGMON-295](
- query API examplery notebook written [SIGMON-320](
- support for CRYO system added [SIGMON-336](
- `AnalysisManager` created [SIGMON-329](
- new QHDA references [SIGMON-339](
- differences between query API documented [SIGMON-341](
- IPQ search tool fix [SIGMON-351](
- plateau detection algorithm improved [SIGMON-322](
- backwards compatible `QueryBuilder` written [SIGMON-299](
- extract a separate `lhcsmapi-qh` package [SIGMON-326](
- installation manual updated [SIGMON-359](
- bugfix for comparisons [SIGMON-337](
- analysis output classes added [SIGMON-355](
- test coverage increased [SIGMON-261](
- AN_RB_FPA corrections: events of class `ext` filtered out, only corresponding subsector queried for events, plots fixed [SIGMON-352](
- 100 first points removed from signal used for a quench detection [SIGMON-335](
- PNO.b2 / FPA notebooks won't fail on empty new QPS [SIGMON-318](
- deployment to EOS of the analysis packages done [SIGMON-364](
- a searching box in RCBXHV and RCDO FPA notebooks fixed
- deploy `lhcsmapi` to AccPy (instead of PyPi) [SIGMON-325](
- deployment to EOS of the `lhc-sm-analysis` fixed [SIGMON-369](
- `lhcsmapi.gui.pc` refactored [SIGMON-356](
- `lhcsmapi` deployed to AccPy (instead of PyPi) [SIGMON-325](
Version: 1.5.21
- `cern` prefix removed from the nxcals imports: [SIGMON-307](
- separate class to resolve signal metadata: [SIGMON-297](
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union
name = "lhcsmapi"
__version__ = "1.5.21"
__version__ = "1.6.0"
nb_version_env = "NOTEBOOKS_VERSION"
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