Commit 84184dfc authored by Aleksandra Mnich's avatar Aleksandra Mnich
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[SIGMON-356] get selected timestamp/circuit_name should return a tuple not a list

parent ee874d2d
......@@ -117,10 +117,12 @@ class FgcPmEventSelectBaseModule(BaseModule):
return [self._get_description(fgc_pm_entry) for fgc_pm_entry in fgc_pm_entries]
def get_selected_circuit_name(self):
return self._get_fgc_pm_event().get_all_circuits()
circuits = self._get_fgc_pm_event().get_all_circuits()
return tuple(circuits) if len(circuits) != 1 else circuits[0]
def get_selected_timestamp(self):
return self._get_fgc_pm_event().get_all_timestamps()
timestamps = self._get_fgc_pm_event().get_all_timestamps()
return tuple(timestamps) if len(timestamps) != 1 else timestamps[0]
def _get_fgc_pm_event(self):
if not self.fgc_pm_events:
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