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[SIGMON-356] test fix

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import unittest
from lhcsmapi.gui import pc
from lhcsmapi.gui.pc import select
from lhcsmapi.gui.pc.FgcPmCircuitNameDropdownBaseModule import get_circuit_names_or_prefixes_to_display
from import FgcPmEventSelectBaseModule
from lhcsmapi.gui.pc.find.impl.R600AFgcPmFindButtonBaseModule import combine_coupled_fgc_pm_entries
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ class Test_FgcPmSearchBaseModule_for_600ARcbxhv(unittest.TestCase):
# act
options_act = FgcPmEventSelectBaseModule('600A_RCBXHV').convert_fgc_pm_events_to_options(fgc_pm_entries)
options_act = select.get_module_for_circuit_type('600A_RCBXHV').convert_fgc_pm_events_to_options(fgc_pm_entries)
# assert
options_ref = [
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