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[SIGMON-371] fix for the missing U_DIODE_RQx

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......@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ def _filter_u_diode(dataframe: pd.DataFrame, circuit_name: str, source_qds: str)
if circuit_name.startswith('RQ'):
crate_name, signal_name = MappingMetadata.get_crate_and_diode_signal_name_for_rq(circuit_name, magnet_name)
if signal_name == 'U_REF_N1':
source_name = f'DQQDS.{crate_name}.{magnet_name}:U_REF_N1'
source_name = f'DQQDS.{crate_name}.{circuit_name}'
return dataframe.filter(regex=f'{source_name}:{signal_name}')
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