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[SIGMON-371] format(precision=) not supported by pandas 1.2.2

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......@@ -296,14 +296,13 @@ class QuenchHeaterVoltageAnalysis(CircuitAnalysis):
:return: None
row_color_dct = {False: 'background-color: red', True: ''}
display_html("style='display:inline'") \
.set_caption('Comparison of the inititial and final voltage') \
.apply(lambda s: first_last_u_comp_df['result'].map(row_color_dct))
.to_html(float_format='{:.1f}'.format) \
+"style='display:inline'") \
.set_caption('Comparison of the discharge characteristic time to the reference') \
.apply(lambda s: tau_comp_df['result'].map(row_color_dct)).to_html(float_format='{:.3f}'.format)
, raw=True)
'Comparison of the inititial and final voltage').apply(
lambda s: first_last_u_comp_df['result'].map(row_color_dct)).set_precision(1).to_html() +"style='display:inline'").set_caption(
'Comparison of the discharge characteristic time to the reference').apply(
lambda s: tau_comp_df['result'].map(row_color_dct)).set_precision(3).to_html(),
def get_analysis_result(self):
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