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update AN_RB_PLI3.d2

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......@@ -152,11 +152,10 @@
if isinstance(t_start_ref, int):
source_timestamp_pc_ref = rb_query.find_source_timestamp_pc(t_start_ref, t_end_ref)
timestamp_fgc_ref =[0, 'timestamp']
timestamp_fgc_ref = float('nan')
# PIC Reference
#timestamp_pic_ref = rb_query.find_timestamp_pic(timestamp_fgc_ref, spark=spark, duration=[(t_end_ref-timestamp_fgc_ref, 'ns')])
i_meas_ref_df = rb_query.query_pc_pm(timestamp_fgc_ref, min(timestamp_pic_ref), signal_names=['I_MEAS'])[0]
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