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__version__ = "1.5.54"
__version__ = "1.5.55"
......@@ -75,11 +75,15 @@
- After opening the browser GUI, choose a circuit name in order to display HWC test with, campaign name as well as start and end time
%% Cell type:code id: tags:
``` python
hwc_test = 'PLI2.f1'
circuit_name = 'RQD.A45'
campaign= 'Recommissioning post LS2'
t_start = '2021-04-07 20:44:14.437000000'
t_end = '2021-04-07 20:55:41.364000000'
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``` python
......@@ -177,17 +181,16 @@
# iQPS
source_timestamp_qds_rq_df = rqd_query.find_source_timestamp_qds(timestamp_fgc_rqd, duration=[(10, 's'), (200, 's')])
if Time.to_unix_timestamp(timestamp_fgc_rqd) > 1577833200000000000:
iqps_analog_0_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['U_QS0_INT_A', 'U_QS0_EXT_A'])
iqps_analog_1_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['U_QS1_INT_A', 'U_QS1_EXT_A'])
iqps_analog_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['U_QS0_INT_A', 'U_QS0_EXT_A'])
iqps_digital_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['ST_NOLATCH_BR_EXT_A', 'ST_NOLATCH_BR_INT_A', 'ST_NOTRIG_BR_EXT_A', 'ST_NOTRIG_BR_INT_A'])
iqps_analog_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['U_QS0_EXT', 'U_QS0_INT', 'U_1_EXT', 'U_2_EXT', 'U_1_INT', 'U_2_INT'])
iqps_digital_dfs = rqd_query.query_iqps_analog_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, signal_names=['ST_MAGNET_OK', 'ST_MAGNET_OK_INT', 'ST_NQD0_EXT', 'ST_NQD0_INT'])
# nQPS
source_timestamp_nqps_rqd_df = rqd_query.find_source_timestamp_nqps(timestamp_fgc_rqd)
source_timestamp_nqps_rqf_df = rqf_query.find_source_timestamp_nqps(timestamp_fgc_rqf)
u_nqps_rqd_dfs = rqd_query.query_nqps_voltage_pm(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df)
......@@ -245,12 +248,12 @@
# 4. Timestamps
## 4.1. FPA
Table below provides timestamps ordered achronologically and represents the sequence of events that occurred in the analyzed circuit: PIC_RQD, PIC_RQF, iQPS, nQPS, FGC_RQD, FGC_RQF, EE_RQD, EE_RQF and optionally LEADS_RQD and LEADS_RQF, provided they exist. Note that for iQPS and nQPS only the first timestamp is reported. Tables with all iQPS and NQPS timestamps are presented in the section dedicated to magnet and quench protection analysis. The table also contains time difference in milliseconds from the first event and from the FGC event.
In short, the following criteria should be kept:
- The PC timestamp (51_self) is QPS time stamp +/-20 ms.
- Time stamp difference between FGC and EE: 100±15 ms
- The PC timestamp (51_self) is QPS time stamp +/-40 ms.
- Time stamp delay between PIC and EE: 100±15 ms
If one or more of these conditions are not fulfilled, then an in-depth analysis has to be performed by the QPS team.
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......@@ -577,12 +580,11 @@
%% Cell type:code id: tags:
``` python
%matplotlib inline
if Time.to_unix_timestamp(timestamp_fgc_rqd) > 1577833200000000000:
rq_analysis.analyze_qds_run3(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df.rename(columns={'source':'magnet', 'timestamp':'timestamp_iqps'}), circuit_names, iqps_analog_0_dfs, iqps_digital_dfs, u_nqps_rqd_dfs, u_nqps_rqf_dfs)
rq_analysis.analyze_qds_run3(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df.rename(columns={'source':'magnet', 'timestamp':'timestamp_iqps'}), circuit_names, iqps_analog_1_dfs, iqps_digital_dfs, u_nqps_rqd_dfs, u_nqps_rqf_dfs)
rq_analysis.analyze_qds_run3(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, circuit_names, iqps_analog_dfs, iqps_digital_dfs, u_nqps_rqd_dfs, u_nqps_rqf_dfs)
rq_analysis.analyze_qds(source_timestamp_qds_rq_df, circuit_names, iqps_analog_dfs, iqps_digital_dfs, u_nqps_rqd_dfs, u_nqps_rqf_dfs)
rq_analysis.results_table[['Circuit Name', 'Position', 'Delta_t(iQPS-PIC)','I_Q_RQD', 'I_Q_RQF', 'Delta_t(nQPS_RQD-PIC)', 'QDS trigger origin', 'dU_iQPS/dt_RQD', 'dU_iQPS/dt_RQF']]
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