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SIGMON-120: ack review comments

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......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@
To report issues and track their progress we use a [JIRA dashboard](
- When a new issue is raised, one can report it by creating a new story on the JIRA board on the `Create` button.
- This new `story` (which could be broken down into `tasks`) should be assigned yourself as a `Reporter` and `Assignee` and put into the `BACKLOG` column.
- This new `story` (which could be broken down into `tasks`) should be assigned to yourself.
Search and select your username as a `Reporter` and `Assignee` and move the story (and related tasks) to the `BACKLOG` column.
- The issue must contain a complete and explicit description. Feel free to use images, screenshots or figures to illustrate the issue.
- It is now waiting for someone to check it out and start working on it.
......@@ -36,6 +37,7 @@ Note: issues can move back to their previous steps if needed.
- __IMPORTANT__ -> Increment the version number in the `hwc_working/` file.
- Open the SWAN terminal.
- Then run the command `source /eos/project/l/lhcsm/public/`
- (Note the working directory `hwc_working` has been deleted, if you want to reload it you can run in the terminal `source /eos/project/l/lhcsm/public/`)
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