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fix typo with integer in the notebooks

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......@@ -114,11 +114,11 @@
with Timer():
timestamp_pic = it_query.find_timestamp_pic(timestamp_fgc, spark=spark)
# PC
source_timestamp_fgc_df = it_query.find_source_timestamp_pc(t_start=timestamp_fgc-1e9, t_end=timestamp_fgc+1e9)
source_timestamp_fgc_df = it_query.find_source_timestamp_pc(t_start=timestamp_fgc - int(1e9), t_end=timestamp_fgc+ int(1e9))
source_fgc_rqx, timestamp_fgc_rqx = it_query.split_source_timestamp_fgc(source_timestamp_fgc_df, 'RQX')
source_fgc_rtqx1, timestamp_fgc_rtqx1 = it_query.split_source_timestamp_fgc(source_timestamp_fgc_df, 'RTQX1')
source_fgc_rtqx2, timestamp_fgc_rtqx2 = it_query.split_source_timestamp_fgc(source_timestamp_fgc_df, 'RTQX2')
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