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version bump and release notes

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Version: 1.5.66
- Adapt notebooks to the CI: [SIGMON-141](
- IPQ query fails: [SIGMON-152](
- Notebooks failure: [SIGMON-183](
- circuit type ambiguity: [SIGMON-154](
- Matplotlib inline with papermill: [SIGMON-173](
- HWC_RQ_QHDA: add a comparison to the reference: [SIGMON-175](
- Analyse notebook content in the tests: [SIGMON-149](
- add missing notebooks to the test: [SIGMON-200](
- fix for multiple executions: [SIGMON-202](
- new AN_RB_FPA notebook: [SIGMON-132](
- same env in GitLab as on SWAN: [SIGMON-198](
- do not crash: [SIGMON-145](
- update RB FPA SNAP: [SIGMON-145](
- AN_RB_PLI1.d2 updated: [SIGMON-225](
- ...: [SIGMON-82](
__version__ = "1.5.65"
__version__ = "1.5.66"
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