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- the green box denotes an envelope of 1 V quench detection threshold (assuming active 'sun glasses') before the iQPS quench detection. If the nQPS difference goes outside of the envelope, it means that the quench was detected by nQPS.
For NXCALS signals (zoomed view)
- the diode voltages used by the nQPS crate for quench detection on the left axis, U_DIODE_RB and U_REF_N1
Note: The iQPS threshold can be changed in the cell below before you run it. Now it is 0.2.
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``` python
%matplotlib inline
rb_analysis.analyze_qds(timestamp_fgc, min(timestamp_pic), u_qds_dfs, u_nqps_dfs, i_meas_df)
# iQPS Threshold
threshold_iqps = 0.2
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``` python
%matplotlib notebook
rb_analysis.analyze_qds(timestamp_fgc, min(timestamp_pic), u_qds_dfs, u_nqps_dfs, i_meas_df, threshold=threshold_iqps)
rb_analysis.results_table[['Circuit Name', 'Position', 'nQPS crate name', 'Delta_t(iQPS-PIC)','I_Q_circ', 'I_Q_M', 'Delta_t(nQPS-PIC)', 'QDS trigger origin', 'dU_iQPS/dt', 'Type of Quench']]
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