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Setup instructions updated for CC7 system

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......@@ -107,9 +107,9 @@ Installation steps:
Install packages:
$ ssh mcplots-dev
$ sudo yum install httpd mysql mysql-server php php-mysql \
$ sudo yum install httpd mariadb mariadb-server php php-mysql \
ImageMagick optipng root root-physics \
subversion gcc gcc-c++
git gcc gcc-c++ nano mc
Lock installed version of ROOT to avoid plotter break in case of automatic update:
......@@ -125,8 +125,9 @@ Installation steps:
$ make
Run MySQL and configure it:
$ sudo chkconfig mysqld on
$ sudo service mysqld start
$ sudo systemctl start mariadb
$ sudo systemctl status mariadb
$ sudo systemctl enable mariadb
$ sudo mysql_secure_installation
Create user mcplots:
......@@ -151,16 +152,26 @@ Installation steps:
$ ./
Edit file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf to set web site root directory:
php time zone
$ sudo nano /etc/php.ini
DocumentRoot "/home/mcplots/www"
date.timezone = CET
Point the web site root directory:
$ cd /var/www
$ sudo rm -r html
$ sudo ln -s /home/mcplots/www html
Run Apache web server:
$ sudo chkconfig httpd on
$ sudo service httpd start
$ sudo systemctl start httpd
$ sudo systemctl status httpd
$ sudo systemctl enable httpd
Reconfigure firewall to allow HTTP incoming traffic:
$ sudo system-config-firewall-tui
$ sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=http
$ sudo firewall-cmd --reload
And disable SELinux:
$ sudo nano /etc/selinux/config
......@@ -187,33 +198,19 @@ COPILOT/BOINC interface setup steps (only for mcplots-dev machine):
Install additional packages:
$ sudo yum install xmlstarlet php-json gnuplot rpcbind nfs-utils
$ sudo yum install wget xmlstarlet php-json gnuplot rpcbind nfs-utils
Setup NFS share directory for communication with copilot host:
* contact copilot team to setup access permissions on copilot host.
* specify new mount point in file "/etc/fstab":
t4t:/var/nfs /t4t nfs _netdev,rw,noatime,soft,timeo=50 0 0
* run NFS services:
$ sudo chkconfig rpcbind on
$ sudo chkconfig nfslock on
$ sudo chkconfig nfs on
$ sudo service rpcbind start
$ sudo service nfslock start
$ sudo service nfs start
test4theory:/var/nfs /t4t nfs _netdev,rw,noatime,soft,timeo=50 0 0
* mount shared directory:
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/copilot
$ sudo mount /opt/copilot
$ sudo mkdir /t4t
$ sudo mount /t4t
Setup cron job for MC production machinery:
$ crontab -e
......@@ -246,13 +243,15 @@ Performance settings:
- enable MySQL query cache (gives ~ 5 times page generation speedup):
set 64 Mb cache size in file /etc/my.cnf, section [mysqld]:
set 64 Mb cache size:
$ sudo nano /etc/my.cnf.d/mcplots.cnf
# enable query cache
query_cache_size = 64M
and restart mysql:
$ sudo service mysqld restart
$ sudo systemctl restart mariadb
......@@ -265,13 +264,15 @@ Performance settings:
less than the default limit on http connections (~ 250)
to Apache server and leads to problems in case of high load.
Set the limit of 300 connection in file /etc/my.cnf, section [mysqld]:
Set the limit of 300 connection:
$ sudo nano /etc/my.cnf.d/mcplots.cnf
# increase connections limit
max_connections = 300
and restart mysql:
$ sudo service mysqld restart
$ sudo systemctl restart mariadb
......@@ -300,16 +301,17 @@ Performance settings:
- enable on-the-fly compression of web site content to speed up page load time
Edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file, add to end of the file:
$ sudo nano /etc/httpd/conf.d/mcplots.conf
# activate text content compression
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml text/css text/javascript application/javascript application/x-javascript application/json
Restart web server:
$ sudo service httpd restart
$ sudo systemctl restart httpd
- do not run X11/graphical login on system start
......@@ -350,9 +352,13 @@ Security settings:
- disable network access to mysql (only local requests are allowed):
add following option to file /etc/my.cnf , section [mysqld]:
$ sudo nano /etc/my.cnf.d/mcplots.cnf
# allow only local requests
$ sudo systemctl restart mariadb
- disable avahi service (Zeroconf):
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