More jet fixes

Kevin Pedro requested to merge github/fork/kpedro88/MoreJetFixes into Run2_2017_V16
  • remove unused variables
  • temporarily disable ECF calculations: ECFs will be stored if they have already been calculated in miniAOD, but since analyses are not actively depending on them at the moment, we won't calculate them manually (for cleaned reclustering or for 80X reclustering)
  • remove DeepAK8 pt cut (was causing -10 default values for discriminators for some jets)
  • other minor fixes

Removing ECFs has a moderate effect on event rate for 2017/94X samples, increasing from 9.3 ev/s to 9.8 ev/s. For 2016/80X samples, it improves from 7 ev/s to 8.6 ev/s.

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