• JSON-RPC is defined as one way of message-passing between processes.

    In this snippet, the master sw (not written in the snippet) is supposed to be connected to the slave (the main of this snippet) -- this relation is not written -- and the client receives some JSON-RPC message from the master. The slave switches the member function to be run depending on the message, and gives back the response JSON-RPC message to the master.

    The detail of the communication protocol between master and slaves can be optional (socket or something else), but this message-passing scheme can be used generically.

    Edited by Hideyuki Oide
  • JSON-RPC is a goof interface: My proposal is to make it a binary interface https://gitlab.cern.ch/wittgen/zmqrpc

  • Personally, I don't think the particular implementation matters so much as what the methods are, which is the interface to the core of YARR?

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