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Release Allpix Squared v.1.6.0

See merge request !388
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ IF(COMMAND CMAKE_POLICY)
# Set default version
# Set default build type
......@@ -45,3 +45,12 @@
1585551840|MR!278: New module DatabaseWriter to Store Data in PostgreSQL
1586440834|MR!306: Add Alpide sensor model
1586861106|Stable Release: Allpix Squared v1.5
1589567694|MR!311: Add passive volumes
1589975695|MR!317: Add diffusion prior to projection propagation
1591953595|MR!322: New examples: Beam Telescopes & passive volumes
1596113703|MR!310: Store material budget in CorryvreckanWriter
1598264973|MR!342: Photon energy deposited at end of step
1598608151|MR!335: New module CSADigitizer
1603198652|MR!360: Improve handling of charge polarity
1603720244|MR!363: Distinguish between Global and Local Timeframe
1603975380|Stable Release: Allpix Squared v1.6
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