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Merge branch 'finalize_1.5' into 'master'

Finalize Release v1.5

See merge request !307
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......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ IF(COMMAND CMAKE_POLICY)
# Set default version
# Set default build type
......@@ -33,3 +33,15 @@
1560799445|MR!214: Implement transient simulation of signal formation
1561108178|MR!221: Allow more freedom in Geant4 macro usage
1562598460|Stable Release: Allpix Squared v1.4
1567433418|MR!230: Update dependencies in Docker image
1568275832|MR!233: Overhaul of CorryvreckanWriter Module
1570959485|MR!242: Modernize CMake and linking dependencies
1578498225|MR!260: Make setup script zsh compatible
1580730673|MR!267: Switch Continuous Integration to LCG
1583504309|MR!277: MCParticle provides reference point
1584091156|MR!195: New module DepositionReader
1584973047|MR!292: Update macOS CI to Catalina and LCG View
1585133272|MR!274: Rework Behavior of PulseTransfer Module
1585551840|MR!278: New module DatabaseWriter to Store Data in PostgreSQL
1586440834|MR!306: Add Alpide sensor model
1586861106|Stable Release: Allpix Squared v1.5
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