Allpix Squared Patch release v1.3.3

The following issues have been resolved and improvements have been made:

  • Build System:
    • We now require specifically version 4.0 of the clang-format tool. This circumvents problems in formatting certain parts of the code differently between different versions of the formatting tool. The make format target as well as the Git pre-commit hook have been adapted accordingly.
    • CMake now also checks if the hooks are installed and suggests installing/updating if not.
    • The models are again shipped in the published version e.g. on CVMFS, see the bug report for more details.
  • Core:
    • Empty units are now allows, enabling the usage e.g. of 12/eV as in 12 \frac{1}{eV}.
    • Log messages are now emitted if a command line option is successfully applied to a loaded configuration.
    • Units are now always printed, even if the value to be printed is zero (or very small).
  • Module: ElectricFieldReader: It is now possible to deplete the sensor from the backside (e.g. n-in-n).
  • Module: RCEWriter: The calculation of the Proteus geometry has been fixed, the mismatch was probably introduced by inverting rotations on our side.
  • Manual: Added formula for mobility calculation to the description of the GenericPropagation module.