Release v1.4.1

The following issues have been resolved and improvements have been made:

  • Docker Images: The Docker images provided in the project registry now come with a selection of Python libraries. With this, simulation results can directly be analyzed inside the container without the need to natively install ROOT on the host machine.
  • Module: ROOTObjectWriter: An issue has been discovered when writing data to files using the ROOTObjectWriter. In some situations the different object trees could get out of synchronization, leading e.g. to missing references to MCParticles when reprocessing the data. The source was the booking and filling of tree branches which only happens whenever the first message of the given type and detector is received. The fix now checks how many events have been missed before the first message arrives and fills the tree branches accordingly. See the merge request and the original bug report linked therein for more information.
  • Additional Tools: The Python example analysis script has received some more attention by a new contributor who added a set of command line flags to steer the analysis script as well as implemented new functions and plots to be produced from the simulation files. The configuration recovery script now better handles destination file names in the same path the script is called from.
  • Manual: Some additional paragraphs on generation and usage of the Docker containers.