Path release version v1.4.2

The following issues have been resolved and improvements have been made:

  • Docker Images: The Docker images missed one Geant4 data path to be exported in order for Allpix Squared to function properly. This has been addressed, and the Docker image has been included in the regular CI in order to catch such issues earlier.
  • Core: The definition of some units have been updated, e.g. with the new fixed value for the Coulomb.
  • Module: DepositionGeant4: A long-standing bug concerning the beam direction has been fixed. The problem was that the Geant4 function setting the particle direction is overwritten by the function setting the beam2d source shape as discussed here. The issue has been resolved by calculating rotation vectors and applying them manually to the source. See MR!241 for more information.
  • Module DefaultDigitizer: By default, no PixelHit objects with zero charge are produced anymore. This is achieved by always returning a charge >= 1 from the ADC conversion. A configuration parameter has been introduced to restore the old behavior.
  • Manual: Some additional FAQ entries and code examples have been added.