Commit 73cfc57b authored by Olli Lupton's avatar Olli Lupton
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Add comment about the removal of Hlt1DebugTwoTrackMVALine.

parent fc2bbc7d
......@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ The differences with respect to are:
* Uses the EvtStoreSvc to handle interactions with the TES, as this is faster
than the default HiveWhiteBoard (although doesn't work on DSTs).
* Uses an alternative, faster IOSvc.
* Removes the Hlt1DebugTwoTrackMVALine/debug_two_track_mva_line line, which has
unrealistically loose cuts and overlead from ROOT TTree I/O and should not,
therefore, be included in throughput tests.
The latter two points may be made defaults for all HLT1 execution in the
future, but are not currently compatible with certain input types.
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