Commit 7d78f684 authored by Alex Pearce's avatar Alex Pearce
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Use consistent node styling.

parent 1e37bb83
......@@ -566,8 +566,8 @@ class Algorithm(object):
props = dict(props.items() + output_props.items())
props_str = '<BR/>'.join(
html_escape('{} = {}'.format(k, v)) for k, v in props.items())
label = ('<{}<BR/><FONT POINT-SIZE="8">{}</FONT>>'.format(
own_name, props_str or 'defaults-only'))
label = ('<<B>{}</B><BR/>{}>'.format(own_name, props_str
or 'defaults-only'))
gnode = pydot.Node(own_name, label=label, shape='plaintext')
......@@ -607,8 +607,7 @@ class Algorithm(object):
for toolname, inputs in tool_inputs.items():
for name in inputs:
input_id = html_escape('{}_in_{}'.format(toolname, name))
label = ('<{}<BR/><FONT POINT-SIZE="8">from {}</FONT>>'.format(
name, toolname))
label = ('<<B>{}</B><BR/>from {}>'.format(name, toolname))
node = pydot.Node(
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