Commit a6b87c4d authored by Alex Pearce's avatar Alex Pearce
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Merge branch 'NN_no_more_warnings_in_no_evtselector' into 'master'

Update test validator now warning source is fixed

Closes #61

See merge request lhcb/Moore!222
parents afd88954 b207db1c
......@@ -18,12 +18,7 @@ Run the example options and ensure they produce no warnings or errors.
<argument name="validator"><text>
# Expect exactly two warnings:
# * Unable to locate service "EventSelector"
# * No events will be processed from external input.
countErrorLines({"FATAL": 0, "ERROR": 0, "WARNING": 2})
countErrorLines({"FATAL": 0, "ERROR": 0, "WARNING": 0})
# The second instance of IntDataProducer should be in DEBUG
if "Gaudi__Examples__IntDataProducer DEBUG" in stdout:
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