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"""Checks repository in master and updates ToDo issue."""
import fnmatch
import os
from sys import stdout
import gitlab
import yaml
from pylint import epylint as lint
......@@ -40,12 +37,23 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
todo_files, todo_msgs = pylint_fixmes()
issue_description = (
"This issue shows the TODOs specified in the code. "
"It is updated each time the CI in the master branch is running."
"(*Please do not modify the issue description - it will be overwritten*)\n\n"
"It is updated each time the CI in the master branch is running.\n"
"(**Please do not modify the issue description - it will be overwritten**)\n\n"
"## General TODOs\n\n"
python_3_9_todos = "\n\n##TODOs related to new features in Python 3.9\n"
python_3_10_todos = "\n\n##TODOs related to new features in Python 3.10\n"
for files, msgs in zip(todo_files, todo_msgs):
if "python 3.9".casefold() in msgs.casefold():
python_3_9_todos += f"- [ ] {files} - *{msgs}*\n"
if "python 3.10".casefold() in msgs.casefold():
python_3_10_todos += f"- [ ] {files} - *{msgs}*\n"
issue_description += f"- [ ] {files} - *{msgs}*\n"
issue_description += python_3_9_todos
issue_description += python_3_10_todos
# connecting to the CERN gitlab API
gl = gitlab.Gitlab(
......@@ -51,10 +51,6 @@ def GetParser():
help="Epoch which should be evaluated.",
# TODO: implement vr_overlap
# parser.add_argument('--vr_overlap', action='store_true', help='''Option
# toenable vr overlap removall for validation sets.''')
......@@ -587,7 +587,7 @@ class Scaling:
# Add scale dict for given tracks selection to the more general one
scale_dict_trk.update({tracks_name: scale_dict_trk_selection})
# TODO: change in python3.9
# TODO: change in python 3.9
# save scale/shift dictionary to json file
scale_dict = {"jets": scale_dict}
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