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Adding correct naming scheme for train config sections

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-apply-naming-scheme into master


This MR introduces the following changes

  • Renaming NN_structure to nn_structure
  • Renaming Validation_metrics_settings to validation_settings
  • Renaming Eval_parameters_validation to evaluation_settings
  • Renaming LRR* to lrr*
  • Renaming DIPS_ppm_units to dips_ppm_units
  • Renaming DIPS_ppm_condition to dips_ppm_condition
  • Renaming DIPS_dense_units to dips_dense_units
  • Renaming DL1_units to dl1_units
  • Renaming N_Conditions to n_conditions
  • Renaming Batch_Normalisation to batch_normalisation

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