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evgenConfig.description = "gammagamma->WW with Budnev parameterization, leptonic decays, central lepton filter pt>15 GeV, "
evgenConfig.keywords = ["2lepton", "diboson", "SM", "WW", "electroweak", "exclusive"] = ["Oldrich Kepka <"]
evgenConfig.generators = ["Herwig7", "EvtGen"]
# initialize Herwig7 generator configuration for built-in matrix elements
commands = """
do /Herwig/Particles/W+:SelectDecayModes W+->nu_e,e+; W+->nu_mu,mu+; W+->nu_tau,tau+;
do /Herwig/Particles/W-:SelectDecayModes W-->nu_ebar,e-; W-->nu_mubar,mu-; W-->nu_taubar,tau-;
# Selected the hard process
cd /Herwig/MatrixElements
insert SubProcess:MatrixElements 0 MEgg2WW
del commands
MultiLeptonFilter = filtSeq.MultiLeptonFilter
MultiLeptonFilter.Ptcut = 15000.
MultiLeptonFilter.Etacut = 2.7
MultiLeptonFilter.NLeptons = 2
evgenConfig.minevents = 5000
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