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......@@ -7,12 +7,11 @@ ATLMCPROD-**please fill this**
- [ ] I have followed the [guidelines in McSampleRequestProcedure](
- [ ] I have provided the ATLMCPROD JIRA ticket where the request has been discussed
- [ ] The request has been approved by the PA/CP group
- [x] Check that "Delete source branch when merge request is accepted." option below is selected
## Checklist for approvers
- [ ] All the items in the "Checklist for requesters" have been completed successfully
- [ ] The pipeline has run and the status is green
- [ ] The pipeline has run and the status is green (if it is orange look at the CI job output and iterate with the requesters to sort out the issues if possible)
- [ ] CI jobs have not been skipped (if jobs have been skipped, the requesters should provide a reason for skipping and confirmation from the PMG conveners is necessary before merging)
- [ ] Look at the output of the child pipeline created by `run_child_pipeline` and make sure that **at least one `run_athena_DSID` job has run**. If it's not the case, confirmation from the PMG conveners is necessary before merging
- [ ] Check that no `log.generate.short` files are included in the commit to be merged to master. If such files are present, it indicates that something went wrong in the pipeline. Check the job logs and contact the package maintainers if needed.
......@@ -144,36 +144,40 @@ This repository uses CI pipelines that run the following jobs. A brief descripti
* **checks**: that there is no other jO file with the same physics short in the repository
* **skippable**: NO
3. `check_modified_files`:
3. `check_unique_file`:
* **checks**: that there is no other python file with exactly the same name in the repository. If the job fails the requester should check if the files have the same content and if so try to rename the files if possible.
* **skippable**: NO
4. `check_modified_files`:
* **checks**: that no pre-existing files have been modified or deleted (excluding files listed in `scripts/modifiable.txt`) and that no files have been added in pre-existing DSID directories
* **skippable**: with `[skip modfiles]`
4. `check_added_files:`
5. `check_added_files:`
* **checks**: that the files added are jO files (named like `mc.*.py`), integration grids (named like `*.GRID.tar.gz`) or directories that contain control files for generators (these have to be named after the generator)
* **skippable**: NO
5. `check_tarball`:
6. `check_tarball`:
* **checks**: that the GRID files have been put on `/eos/atlas` or `/eos/user` in a directory that is readable by `atlcvmfs`, `mcgensvc` and if the files are on `cvmfs` that they are readable by all users. It also checks that the number of files in the gridpack are less than 80k.
* **skippable**: NO
6. `check_grid_size`:
7. `check_grid_size`:
* **checks**: that the GRID file size is less than 100 MB
* **skippable**:NO (but the job is allowed to fail)
7. `setup_athena`:
8. `setup_athena`:
* **checks**: if new jO are added in a commit with a `log.generate.short` file in the respective DSID directory, this job will create the configuration for a dynamic child pipeline that will consist of the `run_athena_DSID` and
`check_logParser_DSID` jobs described below. A maximum of 5 jobs are created. If there are no new jO committed, a `dummy` job will be created in the child pipeline, which will always succeed.
* **skippable**: with `[skip athena]`
8. `run_athena_DSID`:
9. `run_athena_DSID`:
* **checks**: that `` can run successfully with the `DSID` file. `` will run **only if `log.generate.short` is provided with the commit**.
* **skippable**: with `[skip athena]`
9. `check_logParser_DSID`:
10. `check_logParser_DSID`:
* **checks**: that the `run_athena_DSID` job produced no error
* **skippable**: with `[skip logparser]`. The job is also not run when `[skip athena]` is used
10. `remove_logs`:
11. `remove_logs`:
* **checks**: if `log.generate.short` files are present in the branch it will remove them
* **skippable**: NO
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