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Common top+X ttZ EFT sample: propagator corrections

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selected_operators = ['cHQ1','cHQ3']
process_definition = 'generate p p > t t~ l+ l- QCD=2 QED=4 NP=0 NPprop=2 / w1+ w1- h1, (t > w+ b NP=0 NPprop=0, w+ > wdec wdec NP=0 NPprop=0), (t~ > w- b~ NP=0 NPprop=0, w- > wdec wdec NP=0 NPprop=0) @0 SMHLOOP=0'
fixed_scale = 436.0 # ~ 2*m(top)+m(Z)
gridpack = False
evgenConfig.description = 'SMEFTsim 3.0 tt+ll, top model, inclusive, reweighted, no EFT vertices, propagator correction'
# for NPprop>0, whitelist dummy fields used for propagator corrections
whitelist = open("pdgid_extras.txt", "w")
for pid in range(9000005,9000008+1):
testSeq.TestHepMC.UnknownPDGIDFile = 'pdgid_extras.txt'
evgenConfig.nEventsPerJob = 10000
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