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Fixing logParser error thrown for too short jobs with 10k events \#88

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge issue88 into master

Description of bug

When logParser is run on very short jobs where 10k events can be produced in under 1h it throws an error.

- CPU =   0.33 hrs <-- ERROR: Too low CPU time - should be between 6-12h. Adjust nEventsPerJob! 

This is because we are using

elif cpuPerJob < 1.:
  if CountHepMC < 10000

i.e. the number of events in log.generate instead of the number of events in the jO.

See #88 (closed)

Changes introduced

Change above statement to cover both cases, i.e. both when jO is run with a limited number of events and when it is run without any restriction.


I 've run logParser for the log.generate file that @spalazzo provided and the error is gone.

Issues resolved

Closes #88 (closed)

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