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check_added_files Check Commit
Skipping Git submodules setup
$ source scripts/
Find files that have been added in last commit...
ERROR: file: 421xxx/421121/ not in white list
OK: file: 421xxx/421121/ in white list
ERROR: file: 421xxx/421122/ not in white list
OK: file: 421xxx/421122/ in white list
OK: file: 421xxx/421123/ in white list
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1
check_unique_physicsShort Check Commit
$ source scripts/
Files modified in the latest commit: 3
Checking 421xxx/421121/ : physicsShort = PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp172p5_nonallhad
Duplicate physicsShort found: PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp172p5_nonallhad
Checking 421xxx/421122/ : physicsShort = PhPy8EG_AZNLOCTEQ6L1_Wplusenu
Duplicate physicsShort found: PhPy8EG_AZNLOCTEQ6L1_Wplusenu
Checking 421xxx/421123/ : physicsShort = MGPy8EvtGen_aQGCFS0_50_ZZjj_llqq
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1