FxFX V+3jets inclusive samples

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Checking file: 950xxx/950057/mc_13TeV.MGPy8EG_A14NNPDF23LO_Wenu3jets_FxFx_valid.GRID.tar.gz...
Will now check size of file /eos/user/f/fgiuli/mc/mc_13TeV.MGPy8EG_A14NNPDF23LO_Wenu3jets_FxFx.GRID.tar.gz
ERROR: 950xxx/950057/mc_13TeV.MGPy8EG_A14NNPDF23LO_Wenu3jets_FxFx_valid.GRID.tar.gz -> /eos/user/f/fgiuli/mc/mc_13TeV.MGPy8EG_A14NNPDF23LO_Wenu3jets_FxFx.GRID.tar.gz size : 2794292812
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