FxFx Zee+jets low mll

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$ ./scripts/check_grid_size.sh
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Checking file: 510xxx/510350/mc_13TeV.MG_Zee_FxFx_3jets_HT2bias_10M40_LHE.GRID.tar.gz...
Will now check size of file /eos/user/j/jkretz/tarballs/mc_13TeV.MG_Zee_FxFx_3jets_HT2bias_10M40_LHE.GRID.tar.gz
ERROR: 510xxx/510350/mc_13TeV.MG_Zee_FxFx_3jets_HT2bias_10M40_LHE.GRID.tar.gz -> /eos/user/j/jkretz/tarballs/mc_13TeV.MG_Zee_FxFx_3jets_HT2bias_10M40_LHE.GRID.tar.gz size : 1604.6MB
Files above 100MB could be problematic. Please contact the MCJobOptions experts if you're unsure.
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1