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Reverted the file FELIX_gbt_wrapper_V7.vhd to before GBT2CR_RST merge to...

Frans Schreuder requested to merge RevertGBT2CR_RST_Virtex7 into master

Hello @kai, triggered by the test in FLX-956, I discovered that any VC709 bitfile from master after the merge of the branch GBT2CR_RST is not working anymore (no data is coming back over a loopback GBT link). while BNL712 bitfiles are fine.

I think we should revert the FELIX_gbt_wrapper_V7.vhd to before GBT2CR_RST, and re-evaluate the changes for VC709.

This are the bitfiles I tested

FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_126_190712_17_40 ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_127_190813_17_22 ok
<in between these, the only thing that changed is GBT2CR_RST>
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_134_190815_17_21 not ok.
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_149_190823_17_21 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_150_190830_17_24 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_155_190902_17_39 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.7_177_190904_17_59 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.8_26_190905_17_20 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.8_31_190910_17_11 not ok
FLX709_GBT_4CH_CLKSELECT_GIT_master_rm-4.8_33_190913_17_32 not ok
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