1. 08 Dec, 2022 3 commits
    • Andrei Kazarov's avatar
      added KRB5CCNAME · 33d2b463
      Andrei Kazarov authored
    • Andrei Kazarov's avatar
      Merge branch 'isolov/tdaq-09-05-00/pbeast' into 'tdaq-09-05-00' · 99360c49
      Andrei Kazarov authored
      align pbeast in tdaq-09-05-00 with tdaq-09-04-00 to use v5 data format
      See merge request !427
    • Igor Soloviev's avatar
      align pbeast in tdaq-09-05-00 with tdaq-09-04-00 to use v5 data format · 136b53b2
      Igor Soloviev authored
      === pbeast ===
      fix pbeast data version (Igor Soloviev)
      fix typo allocating array causing ADAMATLAS-433 (Igor Soloviev)
      update documentation (Igor Soloviev)
      fix run-time type conversion error in test binary (Igor Soloviev)
      rename receiver-monitoring.xml to pbeast-monitoring.xml and do not install it as IS file (Igor Soloviev)
      new delta-compression data format v5 (Igor Soloviev)
      few improvements for pbeast_remove_duplicated dry mode (Igor Soloviev)
      fix pbeast_remove_duplicated.sh (Igor Soloviev)
      extend pbeast_remove_duplicated.sh to cover x.pb ! x.1.pb and x1.pb == xN.pb (Igor Soloviev)
      Use FindPython rather than PythonLibs (Reiner Hauser)
      improve log messages im pbeast_remove_duplicated.sh (Igor Soloviev)
      create utility to remove duplicated files, see ADAMATLAS-430 (Igor Soloviev)
      remove unset PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH to use auth-get-sso-cookie for TDAQ releases newer tdaq-09-04-00 (Igor Soloviev)
      As Wainer noted, the None is a keyword and cannot be used as enum value since python 3 (Igor Soloviev)
  2. 07 Dec, 2022 2 commits
  3. 17 Nov, 2022 2 commits
  4. 07 Nov, 2022 2 commits
  5. 02 Nov, 2022 3 commits
  6. 01 Nov, 2022 3 commits
  7. 31 Oct, 2022 6 commits
    • Reiner Hauser's avatar
      rhauser submitted daq_tokens with tag master · b4e318c5
      Reiner Hauser authored
      === daq_tokens ===
      Remove recv() which exposes gssapi data types (Reiner Hauser)
    • Reiner Hauser's avatar
      rhauser submitted daq_tokens with tag master · 789fbbf2
      Reiner Hauser authored
      === daq_tokens ===
      Remove script, fix more standalone README instructions (Reiner Hauser)
      More fixes for standalone build and installation (Reiner Hauser)
      Fix quoting for code blocks (Reiner Hauser)
    • Andy Salnikov's avatar
      salnikov submitted BeamSpotUtils with tag BeamSpotUtils-03-06-00 · 3327605c
      Andy Salnikov authored
      === BeamSpotUtils ===
      Update unit tests for changes in folder structure. Flake fixes. (Andy Salnikov)
      Do not generate ERS if writing to database fails (Andy Salnikov)
      Add run and lbn to create snapshots (Andy Salnikov)
      Unset TDAQ_DB_VERSION so we can read latest OKS config (Andy Salnikov)
      Avoid raising exception for empty dataset (Andy Salnikov)
      Fix logic for guessing run number for oh_cp files (Andy Salnikov)
      Do not add LB/ prefix for run3 histograms (Andy Salnikov)
      Change permissions for tmp folder to allow reading (Andy Salnikov)
    • Reiner Hauser's avatar
      rhauser submitted daq_tokens with tag master · 6b2346ad
      Reiner Hauser authored
      === daq_tokens ===
      Systemd socket activation for GSSAPI auth (Reiner Hauser)
      Fix standalone CMakeLists.txt (Reiner Hauser)
      C++ acquire() calls GSSAPI directly (Reiner Hauser)
      Destructor for context, and fix in client creds (Reiner Hauser)
      Separate out gssapi-utils to hide GSSAPI horrors (Reiner Hauser)
      Fix misunderstood from_bytes() call (Reiner Hauser)
      Change gssapi protocol implementation (Reiner Hauser)
    • Igor Soloviev's avatar
      isolov submitted pbeast with tag master · 2c57efda
      Igor Soloviev authored
      === pbeast ===
      add option to print raw timestamp by pbeast_read_file (Igor Soloviev)
    • Fabrice Le Goff's avatar
      flegoff submitted dcm with tag dcm-00-12-20 · 04fea744
      Fabrice Le Goff authored
      === dcm ===
      Changing a few asserts to ERS errors (Fabrice Le Goff)
      added documentation on statistics (Fabrice Le Goff)
      added documentation on HLTPU states (Fabrice Le Goff)
      remove std::move from returned local value to allow RVO (Fabrice Le Goff)
      Fixed a logic bug in an assert and removed duplicate IS infos (Simone Sottocornola)
  8. 30 Oct, 2022 1 commit
    • Frank Winklmeier's avatar
      fwinkl submitted HLTMPPU with tag HLTMPPU-00-03-18 · d6fdce52
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      === HLTMPPU ===
      HLTMPPy: use SOR time from first event if not specified (Frank Winklmeier)
      HLTMPPy: re-read RunParams on start in interactive mode (Frank Winklmeier)
      Cleanup or demote excessive logging messages (Frank Winklmeier)
      DcmEmulator: fix bug for one-event files (Frank Winklmeier)
      DFDataSource: Change OperationTimedOut message level from LOG to DEBUG (Rafal Bielski)
  9. 29 Oct, 2022 1 commit
    • Reiner Hauser's avatar
      rhauser submitted daq_tokens with tag master · dc9b631f
      Reiner Hauser authored
      === daq_tokens ===
      Fix GSSAPI server code in C++ version (Reiner Hauser)
      Fix int vs long warning (Reiner Hauser)
      Clone submodules for boost-cmake (Reiner Hauser)
      Add OpenSSL and krb5 development RPMs (Reiner Hauser)
      Fix .gitlab-ci.yml file (Reiner Hauser)
      Add standalone build for CI (Reiner Hauser)
      First version C++ GSSAPI server (Reiner Hauser)
      Command line interface for cern_sso functions (Reiner Hauser)
  10. 28 Oct, 2022 2 commits
    • Julia Frances Allen's avatar
      jmarsh submitted TRP with tag TRP-00-03-20 · 94f0e74a
      Julia Frances Allen authored
      === TRP ===
      commenting out debugging print statements in provider correction (Julia Frances Marsh)
      Correction to fluctuating num_providers applied & inclusion of a warning message to assess how num_providers behaves in HLTHistogramReceiver.cpp (Julia Frances Marsh)
    • Igor Soloviev's avatar
      isolov submitted pbeast with tag master · f75f38ce
      Igor Soloviev authored
      === pbeast ===
      fix issue ADAMATLAS-427: broken downsampling with all-updates activated (Igor Soloviev)
      fix user activity monitoring and bstconfig workaround, see ADAMATLAS-426 (Igor Soloviev)
      improve web test (Igor Soloviev)
  11. 27 Oct, 2022 2 commits
  12. 26 Oct, 2022 2 commits
  13. 25 Oct, 2022 10 commits
  14. 24 Oct, 2022 1 commit