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=== daq_tokens ===

Adjust to change in CERN's login page (Reiner Hauser)
Change internal URLs to official ATLAS sw web server. (Reiner Hauser)
Allow more than one path in TDAQ_TOKEN_PATH. (Reiner Hauser)
Fix unit test. (Reiner Hauser)
When trying gssapi method, fix it in script environment. (Reiner Hauser)
Support gssapi method by calling out to python script. (Reiner Hauser)
Fix remaining issues for acquire() in Python. (Reiner Hauser)
Correct file name in spec file. (Reiner Hauser)
RPM for gssapi server, first try. (Reiner Hauser)
Use environment variable for keytab, private key in /etc/atdtoken/ (Reiner Hauser)
First working version, tested on vm-atdaq-token.cern.ch (root)
First GSSAPI server and client version. (Reiner Hauser)
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