Update setup script

=== DAQRelease ===

Only set TDAQ_IPC_INIT_REF if variable is empty (Reiner Hauser)
Increase is_server queue size for DF_Histogramming server (ADHI-4873) (Andy Salnikov)
Prefer gcc11 for setup-initial segment (Reiner Hauser)
Fix CORAL_AUTH_PATH (Reiner Hauser)
Try to initialize TDAQ_IPC_INIT_REF with corbaloc: reference. (Reiner Hauser)
Replace obsolete "INTR" Oracle connection by "int8r" (Igor Soloviev)
Set TDAQ_TOKEN_ACQUIRE based on the existence of /run/tdaq_token (Reiner Hauser)
Remove repo.cmake, official places is in DAQSWRepository. (Reiner Hauser)
Replace URL for public token key with official TDAQ web server. (Reiner Hauser)
remove generation of pbeast and rdb sw objects as they are defined in the packages (Igor Soloviev)
remove generation of CES stuff as it is moved to CES package (akazarov)
Change tag reference in online segment from gcc10 to gcc11. (Reiner Hauser)
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