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    "suppress warning messages for calib file retrival while online" (tauRecTools-00-00-08) · de0f0e97
    Justin Griffiths authored
    	* Adding declareProp to all tools 'inTrigger'
    	* ToDo: remove inTrigger from TauEventData?
    	* Read config files from release only when inTrigger to prevent Warning messages
    	* tagging 00-00-08
    2015 30-10-2015: matthew.beckingham@cern.ch
    	* Adding functionality to copy to TrigCaloOnly four vetor when running online
    2015 29-10-2015: griffith@cern.ch
    	* Use TFormula rather than TF1, allow for 2D corrections in TauIDPileupCorrection
    	* tagging 00-00-06
    2015 09-10-2015: griffith@cern.ch
    	* minor coverity fixes, set default val of class memebers in constructor/header
    2015 10-16-2015: blake.burghgrave@cern.ch
    	* Add text conf files for some dual-use tools (for ASG-mode)
    2015 10-12-2015: blake.burghgrave@cern.ch
    	* TauProcessorTool fix for running in ASG mode
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