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    more fixes for expected and split/shared hits (InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-07) · 1df47ad2
    Nicholas Styles authored
    	* Further fixes for shared hits and expected hits
    	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-07
    2014-12-17 Nick Styles
    	* Fixes for shared hits and expected hit
    	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-06
    2014-12-09 Nick Styles
    	* Added method to update specific summary info
    	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-05
    2014-10-22 Nick Styles
    	* Adding filling of Run 2 pixel layer info
    	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-04
    2014-10-16 Anthony Morley
      * Correct the shared hit count when updating only the the number of shared
    	hits and using the TIDE hit sharing startegy
      * tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-03
    (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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