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    Generation of L1 menu for run 3 (Part I) · 32cc8fde
    Joerg Stelzer authored
    First version (fairly complete) to generate the Run 3 L1 Menu. Main
    * The L1Menu and L1TopoMenu have been merged
    * There are three directories:
      - L1/Menu for the menu definition
      - L1/Config for the threshold and item definition and cabling layout, and
      - L1/Base for classes to hold the menu in place
    Start assembling an MC_pp_v8 menu. The menu remains split into 2 files,
    a file Menu_x that defines the items, and a file Menu_x_inputs, which
    defines the configuration of the topo boards, muctpi and ctpin. A third
    Menu file exists for the legacy inputs.