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    add overflow hits (TrkTrackSummary-00-23-07) · 78fa87b7
    Nicholas Styles authored
    	* Adding overflow hits
    	* Tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-07
    2014-11-14 Nick Styles
    	* Adding method to return hit pattern
    	* Tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-06
    2014-10-23 Nick Styles
    	* Synchronising with xAOD::TrackSummary
    	* Tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-05
    2013-10-09 Nick Styles
    	* New enums in summary for innermost/next-to-inner most pixel layers (to replace blayer hits)
    	* tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-04
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