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    'CMakeLists.txt' (GeneratorObjectsTPCnv-00-06-10) · 9440068f
    Atlas-Software Librarian authored
          * src/McEventCollectionCnv_p4.cxx, src/McEventCollectionCnv_p5.cxx : moved HepMCWeightSvc to new package
          * Tagging as  GeneratorObjectsTPCnv-00-06-10
    2015-07-14  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
    	* src/McEventCollectionCnv_p4.cxx,
    	GeneratorObjectsTPCnv/McEventCollectionCnv_p4.h - Using
    	HepMCWeightSvc to store weight names in metadata, as this version
    	is still used in a few places. AGENE-984
    	* Tagging as GeneratorObjectsTPCnv-00-06-09
    2015-06-25 Will Buttinger <will@cern.ch>
    	* src/McEventCollectionCnv_p5.cxx,
    	GeneratorObjectsTPCnv/McEventCollectionCnv_p5.h - Using
    	HepMCWeightSvc to store weight names in metadata. AGENE-984
    	* Tagging as GeneratorObjectsTPCnv-00-06-08
    2015-06-17  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
    (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)